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Our mission is to care for vulnerable babies and help find them loving family’s.

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About Us

Guardians of Hope Place of Safety was established on 01 July 2017. The home can take care of 6 babies, however with the influx of abandonment can at times have up to 12 babies. We provide a home, love, and care to abandoned, destitute and babies given up for adoption. Where-ever possible we seek and support family reunification. Where this is not possible, we support permanent fostering and adoption.

The babies are between newborn and eighteen months of age. The home is beautifully laid out to ensure that all the baby needs spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally are catered for. The babies are placed in our care through Christelike Maatskaplike Raad (CMR) and Social Development.

Our Team

Guardians of Hope has eight caregivers, a domestic worker and Elaine Brenkman, the founder of the organisation supervises the staff and manages the day to running of the home. 

We have a Midwife, who visits the home weekly to check the babies over to ensure that they are growing well and that their developmental milestones are met.

 We also welcome volunteers to come in to shower the babies with love and care.

Board Members

Olutoyin Olaitan (Chairperson) • Phillip Doubell • Gézelle Oakes • Hanneli Fourie • Bonnie Currin • Elaine Brenkman

Our Vision : A loving home for every child

Our Needs

For the Bums

Sizes 1 – 5
Baby Bum Cream

For the Tums

Lactogen Formula (1,2,3)
Baby Cereal
Baby Food (6-12 Months)

Baby Products

Non-scented Aqueous Cream
Top-to-Toe Body Wash
Baby Shampoo

Day to Day

Dish Washing Liquid
Washing Powder – Auto
Hand Wash Soap / Sanitizer

How to Get Involved

Volunteer Time

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? Volunteering is a donation of a person’s time without financial compensation. This is a great way to make a difference in our community and to gain some valuable experience. Our babies thrive on the love and attention given by our Volunteers.

My School Card

Guardians of Hope Place of Safety is a MySchool Card beneficiary. This allows you to make a difference, just by shopping. Every time you use your card at any of the partner stores they’ll give back a percentage of your purchase value to your selected beneficiary, at absolutely no cost to you!

Cot Sponsorship

The cost of caring for one baby is R240 per day. You can make a difference by becoming a sponsor through donating R5000 per month towards the care of the baby in your “adopted” cot. Your donation is tax exempt. You also then have the option to advertise your business on our exterior wall.

Our Cot Sponsors

Looking to Adopt?

Do not hesitate to contact Elaine should you require information on adoption services.

If you are in East London you can contact CMR on
043 722-6104 or Social Development on 043 706-0400 directly for adoption services.


Visit the Babies

We are so excited to welcome visitors back to love the babies!
We need to ensure all safety measures are in place, so have implemented a booking system.
* You will be screened at the front gate before entry.
* Please wash hands and sanitize throughout your visit.
* Please wear your mask at all times.

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2 Willasdale Drive Bonnie Doon East London

082 487 4406 / 043 735 1303


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